Khan Sisters Caged in Zoo Protest

Posted on by PETA

They are successful models, smoking hot and compassionate at heart. Models-turned-actors Gauahar and Nigaar Khan recently posed shackled in double-decker cages to show that animals don’t belong in zoos. Khan Sisters, a show that gives the public a peek into the lives of Gauahar and Nigaar, is set to air in January.

The Khan sisters said: “We as living creatures love our freedom and animals are no different. If people want to see animals, a zoo is not the best place. Instead animals should be observed in their natural habitat like animal reserves where they are living the life that they were meant to live. If we can’t manage to visit them, we can learn about these amazing wild animals by watching videos, television programmes or by reading about them on the internet or in books and magazines and that’s what we, the Khan sisters, are hoping the audience would understand.”

We thank the duo for their support. You can help animals imprisoned in zoos by taking the pledge to boycott zoos! And don’t forget to join the campaign to fight for animal rights by signing up for our Activist Network.