Helping Animals Can Be a Scream at Halloween

Posted on by PETA

Halloween is all about having a good time with scary things. And you can help make real life a lot less scary for animals just by having fun this Halloween. Here’s how:

  1. Make your costume count. For example, try dressing up as a tortured circus elephant to give yourself an opportunity to tell your friends what happens behind the big top. It works best if accessorised with a chain around the neck and red paint for blood as well as grey for bruises.
  2. Be a party animal! Throw a rockin’ Halloween party, and serve up animal-friendly eats such as these cute cupcakes. Click here for the recipe.
  3. Show the scariest horror flick ever. Pop “Glass Walls” into your laptop, and gather your friends. Stash some vegetarian/vegan starter kits next to your computer for people to grab when they’re done gasping and screaming at the horrors of the meat industry. Or if you’d prefer, share the video on Facebook and Twitter.
  4. Put veganism in the palms of their hands. Loads of candies are vegan – including probably some that you were thinking of handing out anyway! Three of our favourites are Parle’s citrus-y sweet Orange Candy, Parle’s tangy Mango Bites and FOX’s Crystal Clear Fruits.
  5. Make a Halloween resolution. You don’t have to wait until 31 December to make a positive change – 31 October works just as well. If you haven’t already gone vegan, let Halloween remind you that flesh is for zombies and PETA will help you get the dead stuff out of your diet.

Now go have a ghoulishly good time. Muahahahahahaha!