Hear PETA India’s Founder Speak at Mumbai’s One Earth Festival

Posted on by PETA

It’s that time of year again – the annual One Earth Festival (formerly, the Ahimsa Festival). PETA India will be back in full force, promoting the animal rights, environmental, and health benefits of following a vegan lifestyle. You don’t want to miss this unforgettable event on 2 December in Mumbai, where you’ll have the opportunity to meet PETA India founder Ingrid Newkirk, who will share her thoughts on embracing a cruelty-free lifestyle. She’ll be speaking at the Nutriva Pavilion at 4:30 pm.

Also at this year’s festival, PETA India will be promoting our “Save the Boy Child” campaign to empower attendees with the knowledge that ditching eggs and dairy “products” saves the lives of countless male chicks and calves. The egg industry considers male chicks worthless because they can’t lay eggs and aren’t bred to be as fleshy as the hens used for meat, so baby birds are drowned, crushed, or tossed into waste bins or fires. Other male chicks are packed onto trucks and dumped into ponds for fish to eat.

Male calves, or baby cows, are also victims of severe violence because they don’t produce milk. After they’re torn away from their mothers and cut off from nourishment, dairy farmers callously abandon them on dangerous streets or tether them, leaving them to starve. Many calves cannot lift their heads because they’re tied so tightly, and some strangle themselves trying to reach their mothers. Scores of other calves are slaughtered for their skin and flesh, which is sold as leather and meat.

You can meet PETA India’s famous “Lettuce Ladies” at the event, too. They’ll be holding “Go Vegan” signs to encourage visitors to make kind choices.

Get ready for the festival by ordering PETA India’s free vegetarian/vegan starter kit, which is full of helpful information, mouth-watering recipes, and more. Vegans save nearly 200 animals every year and reduce their own risk of developing serious, life-threatening diseases. Steering clear of meat, eggs, and dairy “products” is also a hugely effective way to save resources and reduce environmental destruction.

See you at the One Earth Festival!