Get yummy vegan food and a glimpse of the local hotties at these hotspots!

Posted on by PETA

If you’re bored of sitting at home after heavy rain showers every day, then we highly recommend that you catch up with your best buds and check out the local hotties at these fun and animal-friendly hot spots:Costa Coffee: One of the many “perks” of this coffee house is the fact that their dizzying array of coffees can be turned vegan for only 20 rupees, including the English toffee cappuccino or chocolaty mocha. Ooooo so yum ! Café Coffee Day: Take your taste buds on a trip to Ireland with Café Coffee Day’s completely vegan, completely green “Irish coffee”. If you are looking to cool down, try their “lemon demon” or strawberry-flavoured iced tea.McDonald’s: Crispy French fries smothered in ketchup, a vegan burger (without mayo or cheese but with plenty of chilli sauce), and an ice-cold Coke. Need we say more?Subway: Fresh veggies loaded onto freshly baked wheat bread – with tangy chilli sauce, spicy mustard and must-have mint sauce – coupled with lemon iced tea makes for an extra delicious, extra healthy meal. And don’t forget to tell us your favorite places to grab a vegan bit in the comments.