Five Super Easy Tips for Helping Animals

Posted on by PETA

Here at petaDishoom, we’re all about helping animals (clearly). And we bet, since you’re on this site, that you’re all about helping animals too. Well, we want to help you out by giving you five super easy tips for helping animals (besides, going vegan, of course!):

1) Become our fan on Facebook, then ask all your friends to become our fans too. We know this might seem too easy, but it’s a great way for you to stay up-to-the-minute on all the ways you can help animals, and you’re friends will start learning about animal rights. Can’t get much better than that!

2) Join the Street Team! Not only will we give you regular missions to help you get active for animals, but you’ll also be able to earn free stuff while doing it. It’s a really easy win-win for everyone, especially the animals.

3) Post AR videos all over the Internet. Video is the most powerful tool we have in the fight for animal rights, and uploading them to YouTube or posting them to Orkut, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or wherever you are online is a great way to open the eyes of everyone you know.

4) Make the homepage of every computer that you log on to. That way, when people get online, they’ll automatically be hit with everything from the latest celeb ads and interviews to our life-changing investigations. There’s no doubt they’ll find something that appeals to them, and then they’ll be well on their way to becoming an angel for animals.

5) Become a member by making a donation to PETA India today. There’s a lot of cruelty to animals in this world, but with your help, we can keep up the fight to eliminate animal abuse in India.

Those are just five quick examples of how you can help animals. Have more ideas for your fellow activists about how they can help animals? Share them in the comments below. It will take great ideas from all of us to win the fight for animal rights!