Designer Shikhar Vaidya Helps Homeless Dogs

Posted on by PETA

Young and talented fashion designer Shikhar Vaidya loves desi dogs. In fact, the young, skins-free designer loves them so much that he made PETA’s dog adoption and sterilisation campaign part of his show at Indian Resortwear Fashion Week by starting it with a star-studded PETA video.

The show, called “SINS”, highlighted his stunning collection of vegan and organic fashions and featured a video of today’s hottest celebrities talking about the joys of adopting animal companions from animal shelters or the streets and the importance of sterilisation. Desi dogs make wonderful, loyal companions. They are loving, friendly quick learners and forever grateful to their guardians for rescuing them from the streets or choosing them at animal shelters. Desi dogs also tend to be free of many of the health and behavioural problems that plague their foreign “purebred” cousins. Best of all, when you make a desi dog a part of your family, you not only save a life but also make a best friend for life.

Please help end the dog homelessness crisis by signing our pledge always to adopt and never buy dogs and always to spay or neuter animal companions.