Delhi Twins Win PETA’s Compassionate Kid Award

Posted on by PETA

People often say that twins share everything – and in the case of Lakshman and Ram Vinayak, twin brothers from Delhi, it’s certainly true when it comes to caring about animals. That’s why PETA is awarding the empathetic and proactive 8-year-olds, who’ve gone out of their way to help animals in need, with our Compassionate Kid Award. Congrats, times two!

Ram and Lakshman have always loved animals. When the brothers noticed a litter of puppies at their school who were trying to use a dumpster for shelter, they built the family a home of their own. The resourceful boys made a roof out of thick cloth and walls out of heavy bricks (that the boys dropped on their feet more than once!).

They also dragged a mattress in for a bed and used a cut-open sack for curtains. When adults tried to stop them, they cited Gandhiji as their inspiration and kept working. They even fashioned a “Home Sweet Home” sign for the entrance of the puppies’ new shelter. The puppies were ultimately adopted by their friends.


The twins also helped two fledglings they’d encountered while walking their dog, Poppins. Lakshman and Ram made the young birds a “nest” by lining a bamboo basket with cotton and fed them with a syringe. Soon after, the birds were hopping and flying around the house and singing.

The boys regularly took the birds to the park so they could get comfortable with their natural habitat. And while the twins were devastated when the birds decided to stay in the park, they understood that it was their real home. The birds continue to live there.


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