Cold-Blooded Horrors: Watch if You Dare

Posted on by PETA

Think you’d look cool in that leather jacket? How cool would you feel if you knew that you could be wearing the skin of a baby goat or even a dog? Millions of animals, including zebras, bison, water buffaloes, boars, deer, kangaroos, elephants, eels, sharks, dolphins, seals, walruses, frogs, crocodiles, lizards, and snakes are slaughtered every year for the global leather industry.

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A large percentage of imported crocodile shoe leather and other items made from wildlife comes from endangered, illegally hunted animals. Humane treatment is not a priority for poachers and hunters who deal in the dirty exotic leather trade. Many animals are boiled and skinned alive just so that others can wear their skin.The world is brimming with viable and fashionable alternatives to animal skin. Compassionate companies like H&M have agreed not to sell exotic skins and are sending a clear message that they are not and never will be involved with the barbaric exotic skins industry. By shedding exotic skins from your wardrobe, you’ll be sending a powerful message not only to the cruel exotic skins industry but also to designers, retailers, and others who directly profit from the suffering caused by this cruel business. Want to do more to help the animals harmed by the exotic skins trade? Share “Cold-Blooded Horrors” with everyone you know on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace and post the video on your personal Web pages using the code above.