Can You Be Muslim and Vegan? YES! Check Out PETA India’s Instagram Live Video

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Ever heard of a vegan Muslim? You may have, as there are many vegans of every religion. If you are Muslim or just want to hear more about how vegan living is for everyone, check out this PETA India Instagram Live discussion that took place recently:


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PETA India had an inspiring chat with entrepreneur Rubaina Ali Khan, climate activist Mohd Shaquib, and Tehseen Mehdi Dudani, a facilitator at SHARAN (an organisation promoting “an ecologically sustainable compassionate lifestyle”). They discussed why they’re vegan and how eating vegan aligns with the teachings of Islam. They also offered tips for anyone interested in making the transition and shared how they celebrate a cruelty-free Eid.

Ali Khan, who has two adopted dogs, is the co-founder of Vego’s Plant Based Kitchen, a vegan food-delivery restaurant.

Shaquib is a student at Jamia Millia Islamia and the founder of  Worldwide Project for Conservation of Environment. He regularly conducts talks about environmentalism and vegan eating.

Dudani reversed her type 2 diabetes by switching to a whole-food vegan diet.

Our participants also answered questions from the audience, as you can see in the video.

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