Adorable Puppy Just Wants Love and a Permanent Home

Posted on by Siffer Nandi

Meet Tintin! A PETA India staffer rescued this adorable 3-month-old puppy when he was tied to a tree with an old cloth wrapped tightly around his delicate neck. He’s currently in foster care, but Tintin is ready to live in a loving, permanent home with people able to offer the care, attention, and affection he needs.

















If you’re interested in adopting this little fella, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or call on 70459 22026. PETA India is willing to transport him within driving distance or a one-day train ride from Mumbai at our expense. His sterilisation and initial vaccinations will be handled or reimbursed by PETA India.


PETA India encourages everyone to do their part in ending the tragic cycle of animal homelessness by never buying a dog from a breeder or pet shop. Instead, adopt homeless dogs from the streets or from an animal shelter, and always sterilise your companion animals.

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