500 Cats Sterilised Through PETA India’s Sterilisation Programme

Posted on by PETA

Things are looking up for Mumbai’s community cats, thanks to PETA India’s sterilisation programme, in partnership with the Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (BSPCA) and the Youth Organisation in Defence of Animals (YODA). So far, 500 cats have been sterilised and vaccinated against rabies, and those who needed medical attention for injuries received it. The felines recovered comfortably at the facilities of the BSPCA or YODA before being released back into their respective territories.

PETA India’s cat sterilisation programme doesn’t stop there! Our team picks up abandoned kittens and puts them up for adoption. Check out some of those looking for homes here.

In Mumbai and across India, community animals struggle to survive. Many of them go hungry, are deliberately injured or killed, are hit by vehicles, or are abused in other ways. Countless others end up in animal shelters because there aren’t enough good homes for them. Every time someone buys a dog or a cat from a breeder or a pet shop, a homeless animal roaming the streets or waiting in a shelter loses a chance at finding a home.

The solution is as easy as ABC: animal birth control. Sterilising one female dog can prevent 67,000 births in six years, and sterilising one female cat can prevent 420,000 births in seven years. Sterilised animals also live longer, healthier lives, and males are less likely to roam, fight, or bite.

Do your part to prevent animal overpopulation by always sterilising your companion animals. Make it official by signing PETA’s Pledge to Practice Your ABCs: Animal Birth Control!

And if you have the time, patience, love, and resources to adopt one or more kittens, please send a message to [email protected].

Together, we can change the lives of neglected cats in Mumbai and many other animals across India. Please power our vital work by donating generously right now.