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PETA Asia Exposes Gruesome, Shocking Abuse in Global Snakeskin Trade

A shocking PETA Asia investigation shows workers inflating snakes to death with compressed air – all for “luxury” leather.

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Pledge That the Only Skin You Are in Is Your Own

Every year, industries which sell animal skin as clothing – such as fur, leather, wool and exotic skins – slaughter more than 1 billion animals often kept in hellish …

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Latest Jallikattu Investigation Proves Laws Fail Bulls

A new PETA India investigation documents that bulls are still suffering in jallikattu.

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Monkeys Chained, Abused for Coconut Milk

If your coconut milk comes from Thailand, you might be unwittingly supporting cruelty: A PETA Asia investigation shows that the industry exploits and abuses monkeys.

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BREAKING: Lambs’ Flesh and Tails Cut, Burned Off for Wool – Take Action

What more do you need to see before you stop wearing wool? How many more lambs must be mutilated, cut, beaten, kicked, thrown around, and skinned alive? Take action …

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