Wayne Parnell Is A Tiger – Born To Be Free – In New PETA Ad

For Immediate Release:

10 May 2012


 Sachin Bangera; [email protected]

Benazir Suraiya; [email protected]

Pune Warriors Player Promotes Empathy for Birds in New Pro-Vegetarian Campaign

Mumbai – Posing with his face painted in tiger stripes next to the caption “Save the Tiger. Boycott Zoos”, Pune Warriors bowler Wayne Parnell stars in a brand-new ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India. The ad, which is attached and also available upon request from PETA India, goes on to read, “Save Animals by Protecting Their Natural Homes, Not Imprisoning Them in Zoos”. Parnell and PETA’s point? That zoos deny tigers and other animals their freedom and that sentencing them to life without parole in barren exhibits is cruel. The stunning ad was shot by top photographer Himanshu Seth, and Ayesha Wadiwala was the hair and make-up artist.

“We all love our freedom and own space, and that’s no different for animals”, says Parnell, who also plays Tests, One Day International and Twenty20 cricket matches for his native South Africa. “Instead of seeing them locked up in cages, I’d prefer to see them running through the fields in the wild. I encourage people to protect animals’ natural habitat and let them be as they’re intended to be.”

This isn’t the first time that Parnell has assisted PETA in helping animals. He also posed for an ad about the cruel treatment of animals used in circuses. And he features PETA India as one of his causes on his website.

Hundreds of thousands of animals languish in cages in zoos around the world. Denied everything that is natural and important to them, these animals often express their frustration and loneliness through obsessive, repetitive and even self-destructive behaviour such as pacing, head-bobbing and self-mutilation. PETA’s undercover investigations into zoos across India have found appalling neglect, decrepit facilities and animal suffering on a massive scale.

For more information, please visit PETAIndia.com.