Trisha Krishnan Is An Angel For Homeless Dogs In New PETA Ad

For Immediate Release:
3 June 2011

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Hugely Popular Actor Talks in an Exclusive Interview With PETA About Her Love for the Street Dog She Adopted
Mumbai – Many people would say that Trisha Krishnan has been blessed with the looks of an angel. But now, the award-winning actor is asking her legions of fans to be angels. That’s because Krishnan has shot a brand-new ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India in which she appears with a rescued dog named Bambi. As a puppy on the streets, Bambi was tormented by a mob of schoolboys before being rescued by a passing motorist. The ad reads, “Be an Angel: Adopt a Homeless Dog”, encouraging people to adopt a dog from an animal shelter or the streets. It was shot by ace photographer G Venket Ram. Trisha’s ad for PETA has been launched as a cover story in Galatta’s June 2011 issue.

In an exclusive PETA interview, Krishnan tells the heartwarming story of how she rescued her own dog, Cadbury. “I found him … in Hyderabad [while] I was shooting for a film”, says Krishnan, who starred in the 2010 mega-hit Namo Venkatesa and also won the 2010 NDTV Southern Star of the Year Award. “[W]e were just driving past, and we saw this small little puppy who was wounded … and he couldn’t walk, and he was lying in the rain.” After Cadbury received medical care, he spent every day with Krishnan on the set. “There was no looking back”, says Krishnan. “He came back home with me … and he is like the son I never had.” For broadcast-quality video footage of Krishnan’s interview with PETA, kindly email us.

Across India, stray dogs and cats struggle to survive on the streets. Many of them starve to death or are injured, hit by vehicles or abused. Countless others are left to languish in animal shelters because there aren’t enough good homes for them. PETA and Krishnan want people to know that they can bring joy into the life of a homeless dog or cat – and into their own lives – by adopting a lovable and loving homeless animal. And, in order to take a bite out of the homeless animal crisis, PETA encourages everyone to have their animal companions sterilised.

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