Swine Flu Outbreak Prompts ‘Pig’ and ‘Nurse’ to Call for Vegan Foods

For Immediate Release:
26 February 2015

Nikunj Sharma; [email protected]
Sachin Bangera; [email protected]
PETA Will Point to Meat Industry’s Contribution to Spread of Disease

Jaipur – Because more than 13,000 people in India have contracted the swine flu virus, which has caused more than 800 deaths in the country, with the highest number of deaths in Rajasthan, two members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India wearing a pig and a nurse costume will share a powerful message – that diseases such as swine flu have origins on severely crowded animal farms, where illness spreads like wildfire:

When:        Friday, 27 February, 12 pm

Where:       Statue Circle, near Jaipur secretariat, Jaipur, Rajasthan

“Swine-origin influenza viruses, avian flu and other potentially deadly illnesses are the result of confining animals to cramped, filthy spaces for products such as meat and eggs”, says PETA India Campaign Strategist Nikunj Sharma. “The only way to combat the emergence and spread of diseases such as swine flu is to stop eating animals and animal-derived products.”

Popular health website WebMD explains that the H1N1 swine flu virus originally jumped to humans from pigs, in whom it had evolved. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explain that H1N1 “has two genes from flu viruses that normally circulate in pigs in Europe and Asia and bird (avian) genes and human genes”.

Most animals raised for food today are housed in extremely filthy, severely crowded conditions without access to fresh air, sunlight or space. They are denied the fulfilment of their most basic needs and are not permitted to express their most natural behaviour, as they are typically kept crammed in cages or stalls, in which they cannot even spread a single wing or turn around, or are crowded into sheds with thousands of others. Such conditions are breeding grounds for disease, and viruses can rapidly mutate into those which are highly pathogenic.

For more information or to view “Glass Walls” – the first-ever hard-hitting exposé of India’s meat, egg and dairy industries by PETA India, whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat” – please visit PETAIndia.com.