Seductive Beauty Nargise Bagheri Seeks Help For Horses In New PETA Ad

For Immediate Release:
17 May 2010

Dharmesh Solanki; [email protected]

Mumbai – Actor Nargise Bagheri stripped down Lady Godiva–style for a leading role in a stunning new ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India, hoping to draw attention to the plight of horses who are used to pull carts that bear heavy loads or people seeking “joyrides”. In the ad, Bagheri – covered only by her long hair – poses on a dark “horse” next to the words “Don’t Get Taken for a Ride, Horse-Drawn Carts Are Cruel”. By appearing in the ad, Bagheri seeks to warn potential tonga and victoria passengers that these joyrides are joyless for the horses and potentially dangerous for both riders and horses.

“Horse carts are cruel and outdated and should be relegated to the history books”, says Bagheri. “In the city, the mix of horses and traffic can make for a lethal combination for horses and passengers.”

When horses are forced to pull heavy carts on busy city streets that are clogged with cars, bikes and pedestrians, accidents often result. Over the years, both horses and people have been seriously injured and even killed.

PETA investigators have documented that horses who are used to pull carts are beaten and whipped in order to force them to work beyond the point of exhaustion. These horses are fed unhealthy food and given dirty drinking water – if they receive any nourishment at all. Stables are often damp, filthy and infested with flies and other biting insects because of an accumulation of horse faeces and urine. When wounded or injured, these horses typically receive no veterinary care. The horses who pull victorias at Mumbai’s Gateway of India are forced to stand for hours and are given no protection from the sun or rain.

PETA and its supporters – including actors John Abraham and Hema Malini – have contacted Mumbai officials urging them to remove horse-drawn carts from the city streets. PETA has also written to authorities in Delhi calling for a horse-cart ban there as well, and this month, a ban was implemented by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. Copies of this correspondence are available upon request.

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