Sadaa Sayed Receives PETA’s Hero To Animals Award For Rescue Of Indian Dog

For Immediate Release:
31 August 2010

Madhuri Deshmukh; [email protected]
Benazir Suraiya; [email protected]

Mumbai – For stopping to rescue an Indian community puppy who just missed being hit by a car during a rainstorm, actor Sadaa Sayed will receive a Hero to Animals Award from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India.

“Sadaa’s rescue of this Indian community dog shows that her beauty is much more than skin deep”, says PETA India’s Madhuri Deshmukh. “We hope that her compassionate action will inspire others to stop and help animals in distress and to adopt these wonderful, loving dogs.”

PETA’s “Proud to Be Indian” campaign encourages people to rescue Indian community and other animals from the streets or adopt them from animal shelters. When people buy or breed animals, more cats and dogs are brought into the world while homeless animals languish in animal shelters and on the streets because there aren’t enough good homes for them. As a result of generations of inbreeding and selective breeding for distorted physical features, pedigree dogs sold at pet stores or by breeders often suffer from a range of health problems such as difficulty breathing and frail hips. Animals who are abandoned and left to fend for themselves on the streets are often subjected to cruelty and suffer from starvation, disease and injuries. Rescued dogs and cats make intelligent, healthy and devoted companions.

A former student at SNDT College of Engineering in Mumbai, Sadaa’s debut film in Telugu was Jayam, which won her the Best Newcomer Filmfare Trophy in 2002. Her Tamil hit film Anniyan was remade in Telugu as Aparichitudu. Other movies she has appeared in include A Aa E Ee, Takkari, Classmates, Naaga and Priyasakhi. Sayed – who lists PETA on her Facebook page – is also trained in the Indian classical dance Kathak.

PETA reminds people that it is important to treat cats and dogs as members of the family and to take animals to a veterinarian immediately if they are injured or seem unwell or depressed.

Sadaa will receive a framed certificate and a card signed by PETA staff members.

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