PETA’s Santa and Elves to Call for ‘Peas on Earth’ in Puducherry Just in Time for Christmas

For Immediate Release:
22 December 2016

Benazir Suraiya [email protected]
Neerja Khede [email protected]

Group Will Ask Residents and Visitors to Give Animals Something to Be Joyous About by Leaving Them off Their Holiday Plates

Puducherry – Colourfully dressed as Santa Claus and helpful elves and holding signs that read, “Peas on Earth – Go Vegan”, PETA members will take centre stage in Puducherry on Friday. The merry troupe’s point? That animals deserve to share in the holiday spirit, too, and that the best way to accomplish that is by leaving them off the dinner table and going vegan.

When:             Friday, 23 December, 12 noon sharp

Where:           At the Gandhi Statue, Near Beach, Beach Road, Puducherry

“Millions of animals could be spared daily abuse on factory farms and a terrifying and painful death if more people simply switched to a healthy, humane vegan lifestyle”, says PETA India Campaigns Coordinator Neerja Khede. “We urge everyone to consider making Christmas a joyous time for animals, too, by leaving meat, eggs, and dairy foods off their dinner tables.”

Chickens, cows, and other animals on factory farms are treated like meat and milk machines and are denied everything that’s natural and important to them. They’re confined to crowded, filthy cages and other enclosures. During slaughter, their throats are cut – often while they’re still conscious. Pigs are often stabbed in the heart as they scream in pain.

Eating animals also wreaks havoc on human health. The consumption of meat, eggs,  and dairy foods has been conclusively linked to heart disease, strokes, diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

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