PETA Uses Findings From Graphic Investigation To Urge People Of Orissa To Leave Fish Off Plates

For Immediate Release:

24 March 2010



Nikunj Sharma (0) 9967766220; [email protected]


Bhubaneshwar – At a news conference in Bhubaneshwar today, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India released an exhaustive investigative report on the fishing industry, exposing violations of laws, environmental devastation, risks to human health and massive animal suffering. PETA will use the report to encourage Tamil Nadu residents to leave fish off their plates for good – the good of the people, animals and the Earth.


India is the world’s third-largest producer of fish, accounting for almost 64 lakh tonnes of fish taken from the water every year. PETA gathered information for the report from firsthand investigations, scientific studies and research from both government sources and non-governmental organisations. The comprehensive report – which took more than a year to complete – offers facts about fish markets, potentially deadly chemical toxins that are commonly found in fish, the nature and intelligence of fish and how they suffer and the industry’s routine violation of animal and environmental-protection laws. It also addresses “sport” fishing (angling), commercial fishing and fish farming.


“From the sea or fish farm to the fish market, the fishing industry is a monument to animal suffering, environmental degradation and serious health risks”, says PETA senior campaigns coordinator Nikunj Sharma. “The industry has made catching and raising fish every bit as cruel and destructive as operating abusive land-based factory farms.”


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