PETA To South Delhi Municipal Corp: Don’t Roll Back Horse-Drawn Carriage Ban

For Immediate Release:

6 July 2012


Benazir Suraiya; [email protected]

Dr Manilal Valliyate; [email protected]

After Municipal Corporation Split, Group Urges Commissioner to Protect Animals and Public Safety

Delhi – In response to South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) Commissioner Manish Gupta’s recent decision to re-introduce horse-drawn carriages for tourism purposes, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India has sent an urgent letter to the commissioner reminding him that the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), for reasons of public safety and animal welfare, decided in 2009 to phase out tongas pulled by horses in the city and in August 2011 not to allow horse buggies for tourism purposes. In the letter, PETA urges the commissioner to maintain the earlier directives of the MCD and stop his current plan to allow horse buggies to operate as cruel tourist attractions in South Delhi.

“Delhi’s crowded, traffic-filled streets are no place for horse-drawn carriages”, says PETA Director of Veterinary Affairs Dr Manilal Valliyate. “The MCD made the right decision to protect horses and public safety by phasing out these carriages, and it would be a shame for the newly formed SDMC to reject that enlightened decision.”
Over the years, there have been numerous accidents in which both horses and humans have been seriously injured or even killed because of horse-drawn carriages. Horses used to pull carriages are forced to haul passengers in sweltering heat and extreme cold and are frequently denied adequate rest, food and water. They are often kept in filthy, damp stables infested with biting insects. Most never see a veterinarian in their lifetime.

PETA recommends that eco-friendly, battery-operated vehicles be used to promote tourism in place of dangerous and cruel horse-drawn carriages. These vehicles are better suited to Delhi’s streets – protecting both passengers and passers-by – and would offer employment opportunities for horse owners who may be affected by the carriage ban.

PETA’s letter to Commissioner Gupta is available upon request. For more information, please visit