PETA’s Tips for Vegan-Friendly Christmas Gifts

For Immediate Release:
21 December 2010

Anu Chowdhary; [email protected]

With everyone from Bill Clinton to Mike Tyson speaking out in favour of a vegan diet for reasons related to the environment, animal rights or health, chances are that someone on your readers’ gift list or guest list this Christmas is vegan and concerned about animal welfare. Christmas may only be days away but many of us still have plenty of shopping left to do! Would you please consider presenting the following useful tips to your viewers who might be wondering how to veganise the holidays?

With celebrities such as actors Alicia Silverstone, Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck, leather-free designer Stella McCartney, Skinny Bitch authors Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin and business leaders Mort Zuckerman and Russell Simmons all doing away with meat, eggs and dairy products, the vegan lifestyle is taking the world by storm. Sharing the abundance of the vegan table with family and friends can be a highlight of the holidays, so PETA has come up with the following ways to veganise yuletide traditions:

* The Centrepiece: This Christmas, throw your loved ones a festive vegan feast, complete with scrumptious soy-based meats from  Fry’s Vegetarian, mashed potatoes made with olive oil and  Staeta soya milk.

* Chocoholic’s Delight: Maya Chocolates makes a huge range of vegan chocolates. Their orange-flavoured dark chocolate is to die for. So are the vegan delights from Cadbury Bournville. Since store-bought desserts may contain dairy products, be sure to check the ingredients before buying.

* Bath and Beauty Indulgences: Your Christmas wish list must include new cosmetics and toiletries from some of these cruelty-free companies. An ideal gift bag would include yummy lip balms from Nature’s Co, rejuvenating aroma oil from Rasa, soaps from Lush which come in a variety of flavors, and lipsticks from Onyx.

* Uplift your Spirits: There are also those heavenly incense sticks from Omved which smell gorgeous, make a nice gift and also add a spiritual touch to gift giving.

* Not Your Dad’s Tie: Vegans don’t wear wool, silk, leather or fur, so be sure to check the labels to find out what the garment is made from. Luckily, there are a huge variety of accessories – such as ties made from cruelty-free fabrics or shoes made from synthetic leather – in shops these days. Don’t forget to browse the selection of leather-free bags and belts at  Baggit, Espelho and Fab India. The beautiful leather-free bags from Mother Earth  should be on every woman’s must-have list! If anyone else is looking for fabulous leather-free bags, belts, shoes, and other accessories, Santa’s little helper also suggests the following stores or designer labels: Pantaloons , Accessorize , Catwalk , Rinaldi , Hemant and Nandita.

* Painting the Town Green: Treat the vegan in your life to a night on the town with

dinner and drinks at a vegan-friendly restaurant in your area. Vegan food is available in

every cuisine including Indian, Thai, Italian, Chinese, Mexican and more.