PETA’s Birthday Gift to Amitabh Bachchan—A Rescued Bullock Called Vijay

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11 October 2012


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Group Names Handsome Rescued Bull After Legendary Vegetarian

Mumbai – Actor and long-time vegetarian Amitabh Bachchan has just received an unusual birthday gift from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India and Animal Rahat: a formerly oppressed and now liberated bullock has been named Vijay in honour of the actor. Bachchan – who has portrayed characters named Vijay in some 20-odd films – celebrates his 70th birthday this year. He was also named PETA’s Hottest Vegetarian Celebrity three years in a row.

“Mr Bachchan and Vijay the bullock have something in common: they are both very handsome fellows”, says PETA India CEO Poorva Joshipura. “The gift of a namesake is also fitting because, as a vegetarian, Mr Bachchan saves animals’ lives by not eating them. Vijay the bullock has been given a new lease on life – the heavy loads that he once pulled have been lifted from his shoulders for good.”

A bullock trudging along in the heat and straining under a heavy yoke to pull an overloaded cart is an all-too-common sight in India. These gentle animals often suffer from dehydration, untreated sores, muscle strain, depression and beatings. Vijay had been severely overworked and was very weak when Animal Rahat rescued him. He was also suffering from a tick infestation and anaemia and was in a lot of distress. Animal Rahat veterinarians treated him and gave him nutritious food, and he is making a fast recovery.

Animal Rahat is a non-profit organisation that offers free aid to bullocks who work in sugar mills, donkeys who are used in the brick kilns and horses who pull carts. Animal Rahat aims to alleviate the suffering of these animals by giving rest to the lame and offering relief to the sick and injured. The organisation’s efforts also help the animals’ owners, who are often too poor to pay for veterinary care or the sustenance necessary to maintain the animals’ health.

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