PETA Gives ‘Hero To Animals’ Award To Local Radio Sound Engineer For Helping To Catch Alleged Dog Killers

For Immediate Release:
20 May 2010

Madhuri Deshmukh +91 9823419288; [email protected]  

Pune – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India is giving a Hero to Animals Award to Pune resident and radio sound engineer Yaman Chhaya for his brave and dedicated effort to help catch the individuals suspected of poisoning eight community dogs in Balaji Nagar on 29 April.  Chhaya was among several individuals in the area who considered the dogs friends and came out late that night to help. At around 3 am, Chhaya chased the van that was fleeing with the dead bodies and obtained the vehicle’s registration number, which he gave to the police. Chhaya also immediately called a veterinarian who managed to save the life of one dog. News reports indicate that a total of around 40 dogs were poisoned.
“This man’s brave and selfless initiative in summoning a veterinarian and notifying the police of suspected individuals involved in poisoning dogs deserves recognition”, says PETA campaign coordinator Madhuri Deshmukh. “We encourage everyone to take action when they see an animal in need; if you don’t, maybe no one else will.”
Local governments are required by the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules, 2001, to sterilize and vaccinate street dogs. PETA India has also written a letter to the Pune Municipal Corporation calling for better implementation of an effective and humane animal birth control program for community dogs.
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