PETA, Central Government Have Met To Discuss Adopting Humane Education In Schools

Ministry of Human Resource Development Official Understands the Value of Teaching Children to Be Kind to Animals

For Immediate Release:

3 August 2012


Puja Mahajan (PETA India) + 91 9619611014; [email protected]

Guru S Nair (Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee) +91 9270092222; [email protected]

Mumbai – It’s vital to teach children to develop respect and compassion for animals. Don’t take People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India’s word for it. That sentiment was expressed by Mr V Umashankar, private secretary of the Minister of Human Resource Development, during a meeting with PETA India Director of Veterinary Affairs Dr Manilal Valliyate and PETA India Senior Education Coordinator Ms Puja Mahajan to discuss introducing humane education into every school in the nation for children ages 8 to 12 years. The meeting, which took place in Delhi, was arranged by Mr Guru S Nair, Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee cultural cell vice chairperson and PETA India supporter.

Now, Secretary Umashankar will forward PETA’s Compassionate Citizen humane-education resource material to the Minister of Human Resource Development, Shri Kapil Sibal, and also ask Central Board of Secondary Education Chairperson Mr Vineet Joshi to meet with PETA

“It is said that when you teach a child to be kind to a mouse, you do as much for the child as you do for the mouse”, says PETA India’s Puja Mahajan. “Every child in the country should be taught the importance of tolerance and compassion because those qualities are essential to the effort to stem violence in society at large.”

Guru S Nair says, “Introduction of Compassionate Citizen humane-education resource material in schools will help in the overall character development of children. By learning to be sensitive towards the needs of animals, children will inculcate important virtues of love, patience, respect and empathy towards all living beings and become responsible and considerate human beings”.

Most children naturally feel concern and affection for animals but often lose sight of their compassion. A lack of respect for other species can translate into insensitivity and cruelty towards humans, too. It is well documented by psychologists, sociologists and law-enforcement officials that violence against animals by children is often an early warning sign of future acts of violence towards humans. Compassionate Citizen offers teachers tools and lesson plans designed to teach children to view animals as feeling, sensitive beings. The programme has already been used successfully on a voluntary basis in nearly 10,000 private and government schools, thereby reaching approximately 2 million children across India.

Compassionate Citizen has been praised by numerous celebrities, including Lara Dutta, Raveena Tandon Thadani, Anupam Kher and Jackie Shroff as well as by educators and environmentalist Dr RK Pachauri, director general of the prestigious The Energy and Resources Institute.

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