Pamela Anderson Writes to UN in Support of Nursing Mothers: ‘Breast is Best’

For Immediate Release:
11 July 2018

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PETA US Ambassador Criticises Dairy-Backed US Government’s Attempt to Replace Breastfeeding With Formula Made From Cows’ Milk

Mumbai – In the wake of reports that the US government opposed a pro-breastfeeding resolution because of business interests with dairy-based formula companies, Pamela Anderson has sent the World Health Organization a letter on behalf of PETA US blasting the cruel dairy industry and thanking the agency for supporting breastfeeding.

Citing her own experience breastfeeding her sons, Anderson writes, “Breast is best. … There is nothing natural about giving human babies milk that is meant for baby cows. … [C]ows on dairy farms are forcibly impregnated over and over again, and their calves are torn away from them when they are only a day old. … Heartbroken mother cows often cry out in mourning for days over their missing calves.”

Medical experts have criticised the US’ latest attempt to derail breastfeeding in developing countries, where poor women are targeted by global corporations and encouraged to buy formula, which is then diluted with contaminated water, causing babies to sicken and even die from diarrhoeal diseases.

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