Mimi & Maggie, India Kids Fashion Week and PETA to Join Hands Against Animal Circuses

For Immediate Release:
19 February 2015

Benazir Suraiya; [email protected]
Sachin Bangera; [email protected]

A Show Dedicated to PETA Will Teach Kids About Cruelty to Animals

Mumbai – Globally leading children’s clothing brand Mimi & Maggie and India Kids Fashion Week – which is scheduled to take place in Mumbai on 20 and 21 February – have teamed up with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India to urge kids never to visit animal circuses. Mimi & Maggie will be dedicating their upcoming Mumbai show, which is taking place this Friday, to the campaign. PETA’s “clown” will walk the ramp holding a sign that reads, “I Choose to Perform, Animals Don’t. Say No to Animal Circuses”. PETA will also have a stall at the event featuring its “elephant” mascot – who will be holding a sign reading, “Circuses Are No Fun for Animals” – to offer photo opportunities to children and adults alike. Representatives from PETA will be interacting with kids and distributing freebies and information about the campaign.

When:  Friday, 20 February, 4 pm sharp

Where: The Lalit, Sahar Airport Road, Mumbai 400059

“Circuses are no fun for animals who go through tremendous pain and torture just for our entertainment”, says Mimi & Maggie’s Amol Kumar. “By dedicating our show to PETA’s campaign, we are hoping that people, especially kids, never go to circuses that use animals.”

“Kids naturally love animals, and they would never visit a circus if they knew what the animals go through there. They would instead choose to have fun at places like India Kids Fashion Week”, says Deepak Choudhary, Director and CEO of Event Capital. “We are very happy to associate with PETA and look forward to make a difference in animals’ lives.”

Elephants and other animals used in circuses are subjected to constant confinement, physical abuse and psychological torment. Whips and other weapons – including ankuses, which are heavy, sharp steel-tipped rods – are often used to inflict pain on elephants and beat them into submission. Following a nine-month investigation of circuses by a team that included representatives from PETA and its sister organisation Animal Rahat, the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) and the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) issued show-cause notices to the circuses inspected. Now CZA have de-recognised six circuses as captive-animal facilities and urged the AWBI to cancel the performance permission for one.

This is the second time PETA have partnered with India Kids Fashion Week. Last year, PETA promoted its humane-education program for children – Compassionate Citizen – with designer Nishka Lulla, who dedicated her India Kids Fashion Week show to the program.

For more information, please visit PETAIndia.com.