Gandhi Prompts Security Giant to Drop Misleading Animal Welfare Statement After Cruel Trauma Training Link Exposed

For Immediate Release:
28 June 2010

Anuradha Srivastava (0) 9987497167; [email protected]

Haryana – Massive UK-based security conglomerate G4S plc has pulled down the misleading “Caring for Animals” statement from its Indian Website ( after PETA US revealed that the company’s US subsidiary International Training Inc hosted a course in April that allegedly involved shooting and cutting open live pigs. MP Maneka Gandhi joined PETA US in calling on G4S to remove the statement in which she was quoted praising the company after it donated Rs 2 lakh to one of her animal hospitals.

In e-mails to PETA US and Gandhi, G4S wrote that it “allows the US Government to use its facilities for trauma medicine combat-related training which sometimes includes the use of animals”, but the company also stated that “there is no future training of this nature scheduled”. PETA US and Gandhi are now pressing G4S to permanently end all the use of animals in all trauma training courses.
PETA US points out that there is no need to maim and injure any animals in order to practise medical procedures because modern, humane and economical non-animal training methods are available and in use around the world.
Experts at the US military’s Uniformed Services University have stated that the use of animals for trauma training is “not really a very good method”. The US Army’s own Alfred V Rascon School of Combat Medicine at Fort Campbell does not use animals in its trauma program, stating that “[t]raining on [simulators] is more realistic to providing care for a person than training on animals”. Members of the US Congress have introduced federal legislation to completely phase out animal use in military training.

“If G4S truly cares about animals, it should stop facilitating their abuse in archaic training exercises”, says PETA US Vice President of Laboratory Investigations Kathy Guillermo. “Mutilating live pigs in trauma training exercises not only kills animals but also endangers soldiers by giving medics a second-rate education.”
PETA US’s correspondence with G4S is available upon request. For more information, please visit