Breaking: Investigative Video Reveals Baby Chicks Burned, Drowned, Crushed by Major Indian Poultry Companies

For Immediate Release:
21 February 2017

Nikunj Sharma; [email protected]
Shambhavi Tiwari; [email protected]

PETA India Calls for Sweeping Changes to Cruel Practices in the Egg and Meat Industries – and Urges the Public to Go Vegan

Hyderabad – An eyewitness investigation of several hatcheries and farms in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana reveals for the first time that millions of male chicks, who are considered useless to the egg industry, as well as other unwanted chicks are commonly ground up, drowned, burned, crushed, thrown into rubbish bins, and even fed to other animals while still alive by top players in the Indian egg and meat industries. The investigation was conducted by Anonymous for Animal Rights and obtained by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India.

The investigative video and report are available upon request.

The eyewitness documented the following:

  • Problems with incubators caused deformities, such as protruding organs, in chicks.
  • Workers pressed hard on chicks’ sensitive genitals in order to determine their gender.
  • Large portions of chicks’ beaks were cut off with a searing-hot blade – and without anaesthetics – in order to prevent them from pecking one another out of frustration caused by the close confinement commonly seen in the egg industry.
  • Unwanted chicks were tossed into large grinders while still alive, along with eggshells and dead birds.
  • They were also drowned in bins full of water as they tried desperately to escape for up to 30 minutes.
  • Some were tossed onto fires and burned to death.
  • Others were crushed or suffocated to death by being dumped en masse into large drums or trucks.
  • Workers also transported chicks to fish farms, tossing them into ponds to be eaten alive – and if they tried to escape, they were kicked back into the water.

In response to these atrocities, PETA is calling on the public to go vegan and the government to consider new in ovo sexing technology – in which chicks’ gender is determined before they hatch, potentially preventing large-scale deaths of male chicks – to establish and implement a written standard for painless euthanasia for unhealthy chicks, and to take stern action against companies that kill chicks in cruel ways.

“From packing mutilated hens into tiny cages to grinding up, drowning, and burning live chicks, the egg and meat industries are rife with cruelty”, says PETA India CEO Poorva Joshipura. “PETA’s message is that the only way to guarantee that no animal has suffered for our meals is to go vegan.”

As seen in the video, the eyewitness documented various killing methods used by Diamond Group; Suguna Foods, a household name in the poultry sector and India’s number one producer of chickens for meat; SH Group, whose flagship company, Srinivasa Hatcheries Ltd, “commands a staggering 95% of the Layer market in the poultry sector in its area of operations”, according to its website; and SR Group, which produces 6 million chicks per month for the meat industry, while its breeder farms house 5,00,000 birds. The video also shows sexing practices at Venkateshwara Hatcheries Pvt Ltd, commonly referred to as Venky’s – as well as chicks crushed during transport from Skylark Hatcheries Pvt Ltd of Skylark Group, one of the largest poultry producers in India.

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