Bodypainted PETA Members Call For Boycott Of Zoos In Advance Of Holi

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6 March 2012


Benazir Suraiya; [email protected]

Bhuvaneshwari Gupta; [email protected]

Animals Can Only Show Their True Colours by Living Free, Says Group

Mumbai – Bodypainted in an array of bright colours and holding a banner that reads, “Let Animals Show Their True Colours: Boycott Zoos”, members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India will gather outside Byculla Zoo in Mumbai on Tuesday, in advance of Holi. Their point? That Holi signifies colour, joy, love and happiness and that the only way these goals are possible for wild animals is to let them live their lives in the wild where they belong.

When:             Wednesday, 7 March 12, noon sharp

Where:           Outside the main gate of Byculla Zoo, Jijamata Udyan, Byculla, Mumbai

“Wildlife belongs in the wild”, says PETA India Chief Functionary Poorva Joshipura. “PETA is asking the residents of Mumbai to let animals show their true colours by boycotting zoos. We are also asking India as a whole to make every effort to help these suffering animals enjoy their natural habitats instead of being locked up in cages.”

Hundreds of thousands of animals languish in zoos around the world. Animals in zoos are denied everything that is natural and important to them, including the opportunity to fly, swim, select partners and socialise. They often express their frustration and loneliness through obsessive, repetitive and even self-destructive behaviour. No zoo can come close to offering the space, environmental enrichment, ecological diversity and complex habitats that animals need to thrive. PETA’s investigations of zoos across India have revealed horrific conditions, including deficiencies in food, drinking water, housing, veterinary care and environmental enrichment.

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