Amaan, Ayaan And Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Harmonise In Opposing The Caging Of Birds In New PETA Ad

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14 March 2012


Benazir Suraiya; [email protected]

Sachin Bangera; [email protected]

‘Let Birds Fly Free’, Say Internationally Acclaimed Sarod Maestros

Delhi – Strumming their sarods against a backdrop of birds flying freely across the sky and next to the words “Bring Harmony to Birds’ Lives – Let Birds Fly Free”, iconic maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and his sons Amaan and Ayaan appear in a brand-new ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India against the caging of birds. The stunning ad – which was shot by ace photographer Ashish Chawla – is an expression of the musical family’s long-standing appreciation of birds, which they discussed in an exclusive PETA interview. The hair styling and make-up was done by Anu Mehra. The broadcast-quality link to their video interview and behind the scenes are available for download upon request.

“Human beings, especially musicians, have a lot in common with birds – we all want freedom, whether it’s freedom of expression and creativity or the freedom to fly”, says Ayaan. Adds Amaan, “Nobody should be caged, and that includes the birds who were born for the skies.”

The gifted Khan trio has performed in some of the most prestigious music halls in the world. Ustad Amjad Ali Khan is a recent recipient of the UNESCO Award, Padma Vibhushan and UNICEF’S National Ambassadorship along with the Crystal Award by the World Economic Forum. He was also recently nominated for a Grammy Award in the category of Best Traditional World Music Album.

Caged birds suffer their entire lives. Both hand-raised and wild-caught birds kept in cages often become neurotic, pulling out feathers and mutilating themselves, sometimes to the point of death. Birds are intelligent, social animals who feel pain and fear just as all animals do. They are captured by poachers, packed into small boxes and transported on trains to pet shops and other sellers. An estimated 60 per cent of them die in transit, usually from broken wings and legs, thirst, hunger or stress. Baby birds are caught in traps and nets, which often results in injury or death. PETA India recently bestowed a Compassionate Action Award on Gujarat High Court Justice MR Shah after he ruled that caging birds is illegal and ordered the freeing of 494 birds and other animals seized from bird-sellers by police.

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