Ad Starring Lea Michele Of ‘Glee’ Targets Horse-Drawn Carriages Days After Mumbai Victoria Horse Collapses

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10 May 2011


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Horses Don’t Belong in the City, Says PETA

Mumbai – In her new PETA ad, Golden Globe– and Emmy-nominated Glee star Lea Michele appears alongside a white horse and the words, “Horses Don’t Belong in Traffic. Help Put Horse-Drawn Carriages out to Pasture.” The ad is being released just days after a Victoria horse collapsed near the CST station in Mumbai.

“Easily startled, skittish horses and noisy traffic are a bad mix”, says Michele. “Many cities, including Paris, London and Toronto have already banned the horse-drawn carriage trade—there’s no good reason any city should tolerate such cruelty.”

When horses are forced to pull heavy carriages on busy city streets that are clogged with cars, bikes and pedestrians, accidents often result. Over the years, both horses and humans have been seriously injured and killed. In Thane, a young boy was killed when a horse he was riding became spooked by a passing vehicle. In Mumbai, vehicles have hit horses and people have also been injured in accidents involving carriage horses.
PETA investigators have documented that horses who are used to pull carriages are forced to stand for hours, given no protection from the scorching sun or driving rain and beaten and whipped in order to force them to work beyond the point of exhaustion. These horses are malnourished and given dirty drinking water – if they receive any water at all. Stables are often damp, filthy and infested with flies and other biting insects because of an accumulation of horse faeces and urine. When wounded or injured, these horses typically receive no veterinary care.

PETA and its supporters – including actors John Abraham and Hema Malini – have contacted Mumbai officials urging them to remove horse-drawn carriages from the city’s streets. In 2010, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi decided to ban horse tongas in Delhi.

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