Udaipur Zoo

August 2005


  • The zoo was dirty, unkempt and foul-smelling.
  • Visitors were permitted to harass and tease the animals.
  • Two panthers were kept in a small enclosure that did not have any enrichment. There were no trees to provide shade, and the enclosure smelled terrible.
  • The crocodile pen was made entirely of concrete and had insufficient space for the animals to bask. The water level was very low. Cleaning equipment was stored inside the cage, exposing the animals to possible injury and taking up significant space.
  • Predator and prey species were kept in close proximity to one another. Monkeys, deer, jackals and hyenas were all housed in full view of each other. All the enclosures were concrete and barren and had no enrichment. No grass or trees were present.
  • The water provided to the animals was dirty and insufficient in the intense desert heat.
  • The cages’ privacy cubicles were dark and dingy, and some were incompatible with the species.
  • Visitors could be seen harassing the jackals.
  • Visitors were observed crossing the barrier of the bear enclosure.
  • The food in the porcupine enclosure was lying on the urine-soaked ground. The enclosure was dirty and smelled terrible. There was no enrichment.
  • The enclosure housing the peacocks, rabbits and star tortoises was strewn with debris.
  • The waterbird enclosure did not have any suitable areas for the birds to stand or rest. There was not enough water for the birds in the pool.

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