Mahatma Gandhi Zoo

March 2005 and July 2005

  • A tiger who looked healthy in March 2005 appeared to be on the verge of death in July. Although he was barely alive, he was still kept on display in a small, damp concrete cage.
  • In March 2005, 27 black bucks were mauled to death by dogs who had gained access to the zoo.
  • All the animals were housed in small, damp, concrete cages.
  • The cages were strewn with faeces and stale food.
  • None of the cages had any form of enrichment.


  • The crocodiles had no land to bask on. They were shifted from one pool to another without being able to maintain their body temperature as they would normally do in the wild.
  • The tiger, lion and leopard were fed by a boy who was not a zoo employee.
  • Visitors freely harassed and teased the animals, and zoo employees did not intervene. There were no barriers to protect the animals.
  • No educational signboards were provided.
Dilapidated Tiger This tiger is nothing but skin and bones. His condition has deteriorated since 5 March. He cannot even walk properly, and he has large visible sores all over his body.
Jackals Enclosed in a Space Too Small to Share The jackals engage in stereotypic behaviours. Both pace up and down in their small, damp cement cages.
Monkeys' Enclosure is Unable To Meet Their Natural Needs The monkeys are kept in barren cement enclosures with nothing to keep them occupied. One of the monkeys is wearing a collar.
Visitor Teases a Monkey Without the Presence of an Attendant A visitor teases the monkeys, and no zoo attendants are present to stop him.

Dirty Crocodile Pool The crocodile pool is dirty.

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