Kamala Nehru Prani Sanghralay

January 2006

  • No clean water was observed in any of the enclosures.
  • All the cages were dirty and barren and had no enrichment.
  • The floors of all the cages were concrete.
  • Visitors were allowed to harass, taunt, poke and hit animals. The animals had become so inured to this treatment that they remained unresponsive.
  • The male lion had a large, open sore on his neck and flies all over his body. His enclosure was totally barren.


  • Photos show that visitors pelted the female lion, who has since died, with stones.
  • The elephants were continuously kept in chains.
  • The crocodiles were denied access to their water pond, presumably so that they would remain in sight.
  • A monkey was housed alone in a small cage.
  • Several stray dogs roamed the zoo. A baby monkey who had escaped from his enclosure was seen playing with the dogs.
  • The three bears were living in deplorable conditions. The enclosures were totally barren and did not have any enrichment. One bear enclosure was full of urine and water and smelled terrible.
  • The enclosure for the tigers reeked.
  • The foxes and the hyena were in a barren enclosure.
  • One white peacock was isolated from the rest of the flock.
  • No barriers were in place to protect the animals from the public.

Visitors were allowed to feed roaming peacocks. The birds’ diet was unregulated, unmonitored and inconsistent.

unregulated, unmonitored and inconsistent.

Infected Lion The lion with a skin infection on his back and flies sitting all over. Stones thrown by visitors are visible.
Crocodile Enclosure Left Without Any Pond Water The crocodiles don’t have access to the water pond.
Neglected Monkey Inside Tiny Cage A monkey kept alone in a small cage – his food is strewn about on the ground.
Inappropriate Environment For a Bear Cage The bear enclosure has no environmental enrichment at all.
Barren Fox Alone in Enclosure The barren fox enclosure with pieces of meat lying all over the floor.

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