Aurangabad Municipal Corporation Zoo

Aurangabad, Maharashtra
July 2005

  • Nearly all the enclosures were small and barren and had no enrichment.
  • No clean water or fresh food could be seen in any of the enclosures.
  • Nearly all the enclosures were poorly maintained.
  • Most of the enclosures had concrete floors. Some were visibly unsafe and had exposed wire mesh, light switches and electrical wires.
  • Porcupines, hyenas, jackals, a wolf, a langur and a civet cat were kept in a U-shaped enclosure, which had an open and undrained waste trough running through it, causing an unbearable stench and posing a health hazard to both animals and visitors.


  • A bear was kept alone in a barren enclosure. No water was observed.
  • Two monkeys were kept in individual, poorly maintained cages that had concrete floors and contained broken wire. No food was observed, and one monkey was seen begging for food from visitors.
  • On the day of our inspection, the elephants were chained in a concrete shed. One elephant was tethered by the front legs with a spiked chain.
  • A white tiger and her three cubs were kept is very small enclosure that was filled with faeces and debris.
  • Large numbers of rabbits and hamsters were kept in small cages.
  • There was an electric pole right in the middle of the emu enclosure.
  • No educational material was available.
  • No educational material is available.
Three Types of Birds Together in the Same Dilapidated Enclosure Snakes are resting on exposed wires in their enclosure.
Wire Netting is Used to Keep the Birds Inside Cage This bear is living in a completely barren enclosure. He does not even have water to drink.
Inappropriate Environment Holds Pigeons and Rabbits in One Space This elephant is chained by both of his front feet. Part of the chain has spikes in it.
Water Tank in the Pigeon and Rabbit Enclosure Contains Dirty Water Three emus are kept in a small space with electric poles right in the middle of the enclosure. Visitors are able to feed them.

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