Aizawl Zoo

Aizawl, Mizoram
February 2006

  • Most of the animals had no food or water.
  • Security was poor. At the time of the inspection, the zoo was supposed to be closed, yet investigators and tourists were allowed inside. A gate at one end of the zoo was left open and unattended, leaving animals vulnerable to intruders, such as the one who recently killed a bear at this zoo for his gall bladder
  • The hoolock gibbon enclosure was completely unsecured, as the door was not locked.
  • A sambar was so hungry and dehydrated that he was foaming at the mouth and repeatedly banged his horns against the wire mesh fence.
  • Food was kept within sight but out of the reach of two baby langurs. No water was available.
  • The water bowl in one porcupine enclosure was completely dry. The floor in another porcupine enclosure was broken and covered with rotten fruit. Algae grew in the water bowl.
  • The enclosure of an unidentified animal was strewn with old pieces of ant-infested chicken flesh, and the drinking water was filthy.
  • Four bay owls were kept in an enclosure with a broken cement floor and had only contaminated water to drink.
  • A leopard was kept in a “rescue centre” with a broken cement floor. No water could be seen.
  • Two Himalayan black bears looked very ill. The floor of their enclosure was littered with garbage.


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