You Can Still Celebrate ‘Hug a Vegan’ Day This Year!

Posted on by PETA

Are you vegan? Give yourself a hug, because social distancing and self-love are important.

“Hug a Vegan” Day is 25 September this year. We know, we know – we all have to be mindful of social distancing. But PETA Youth has come up with a safe and easy way to show a deserving vegan some love.

If you’re vegan, simply post a picture or a boomerang of yourself with your arms wrapped around a wonderful vegan – you! It could be similar to this virtual hug, or you could get a bit more creative and wear a “vegan” shirt or button or anything else that makes it obvious that you’re proud to be kind to animals.



PETA Youth encourages everyone who participates in this “Hug a Vegan” Day mission to tag @PETAIndia on Instagram, because we may share your post or story. Be sure to use the hashtags #HugAVeganDay and #VirtualHugs, and feel free to use our veggie hugs GIFs on your stories and posts. Nominate a vegan friend as the most huggable vegan, and see if they feel the same about you!

Happy “Hug a Vegan” Day.