Veggie Confessions of a PETA staffer

Posted on by PETA

Being born into a family where everybody was non-vegetarian, eating meat was something I was used to – that is, until I was about 7 years old, when I suddenly had a change of heart and decided to give up non-vegetarian food one fine day. At the time, my mom just thought it one of those days when kids get cranky and say things.

Initially, even I didn’t know whether it was a decision I would stand by all my life, since I was only 7 years old then. But being the spiritual person that I am, it had to be a natural progression.

Little did I know that destiny would have me join PETA India soon after my graduation at the age of 19.

During my interview, when asked by PETA India’s chief functionary, Anuradha Sawhney, if I was a vegetarian, I promptly replied, saying, “You cannot teach what you don’t practice”. That was the day that I knew this was a life-long decision.