Vegan Creations of Mumbai’s Mosaic Chocolate Are Pure Decadence

Posted on by PETA

Chocolate … we dream about it during class and work and even in the middle of a meal, but not all chocolate treats are cruelty-free. Enter Mosaic Chocolate, a company based in Mumbai that has truly mastered the vegan chocolate–making process. Mosaic handcrafts truffles and chocolates in small batches using single-origin South Indian couverture chocolate and infuses flavour combinations that are sure to tickle even the most sophisticated palates.


Mosaic’s vegan creations come in the following four flavours: Salted Coconut Caramel, Naga Chilli, Thyme & Lemon, and Olive Oil & Sea Salt . If your mouth isn’t watering by now, ask someone to check your pulse!

We at PETA only indulge in bite-sized pleasure that doesn’t involve separating mother cows from their babies , and it’s the only kind of chocolate we give to our family and friends to express our love. Mosaic makes all of its ganache and caramel from scratch using personally obtained ingredients from India and abroad. The company is even working on a two-ingredient bean-to-bar chocolate bar handcrafted exclusively from organic and fair-trade Indian cocoa beans .

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