This Diwali, Rescued Animals Have Reason to Celebrate

Posted on by PETA

Life has taken a dramatic turn for the better for animals rescued by PETA India. Animals who were once forced to pull heavy carriages or perform in the circus and those who faced a painful death are now living in peace and comfort at a sanctuary.


Akshay is no longer forced to haul carriages.


Afzal’s days of toil are over.


For Bachya, hauling heavy loads is a thing of the past.

Bharat, Jay, and Virat

This lovely threesome can rest now, instead of being overworked.


Bhuriya was to be sacrificed during Eid.

Tarzan and Garry

This dynamic duo now grazes and plays.

Karan, Afzal, and Tracy

Karan and Afzal were to be sacrificed during Eid. Tracy was rescued from a circus.


Kiran can now play instead of hauling heavy loads.

Vijay, New Badal, and Rayja

Their every need is now met.


Sanctuary staff are happy to care for Parvati.

Prashant and Ghansham

Now, these two enjoy delicious food instead of being forced to eat rancid scraps.

Sultan and Prince

These two are now forever friends.


Ramesh no longer endures exhausting days of pulling carriages.

Shivba and Govinda

These two love their snacks.


Hard days in the circus are now a distant memory for Simran.


Sundari likes to chill.


Sameer is no longer beaten and forced to perform in the circus.


Rescued from being sacrificed, Unmukt is now enjoying his time at the sanctuary.


None of these rescues would have been possible without your help. In honour of Diwali, please send a generous gift today.