The Truth About Fur: The Harsh Reality of Mink Farming

Posted on by PETA

A look at the barbaric ways in which minks are killed and skinned at countless fur farms around the world.

All around the world at fur farms like this one, minks – as well as rabbits, foxes and other animals – are crammed into barren cages and have the skin ripped off their bodies, all just to make fur coats, collars and trinkets. Fur farmers use the cheapest killing methods available to them, including suffocation, electrocution, poison and gas. At this farm, minks are picked up by their sensitive tails and shoved into a box to be gassed. One mink in this video – like many animals killed for their fur – doesn’t die immediately. The farmer then tried to break his neck against the side of his crude wooden “kill box”.


The fur industry would have you believe that fashion justifies such torture, but there’s never any excuse for such barbaric treatment of animals. The farmer in this video casually described the techniques for ripping the bloody pelts off minks’ bodies, snapping the animals’ penis bones and using old pruning shears to cut off their paws.

Do you have friends or family members who still think that fur is in fashion? Remind them that in some countries, even cats and dogs are skinned alive for their fur, which is often then mislabelled and sold to unsuspecting consumers in countries all over the world.

Share this video, and encourage them to choose only animal-friendly clothing.