PETA Participates in Shaan-e-Pakistan to Help Birds

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Shaan-e-Pakistan, a three-day fashion and cultural fiesta, united two nations – India and Pakistan – through fashion, food and music at The Grand New Delhi.

PETA set up a stall at the event to promote our “Let Birds Fly Free” campaign and spread awareness of the cruelty of keeping birds in cages

Ben & Volunteer

When captured and put inside cages, birds become depressed and withdrawn. They often over-preen themselves to the point of mutilation. Some people force birds to endure painful wing-clipping so that the animals cannot fly away, yet flying is as natural and important to them as walking is to us.

Pakistani Designer Huma Nassr- Shaanepak organizer

Benazir with Designer Huma Nassr & Shaan-E-Pak organizer

A visitor with our badge

A visitor with our badge

You Can Help

Enjoy birds in nature, and pledge never to buy or cage them.