Selvel Donates Second Billboard for Chicken Empathy Campaign

Posted on by PETA

When planning a meal, we are routinely faced with choices either to help or to hurt animals. PETA’s thought-provoking ads have long reminded people to choose compassion. With the help of the kind people at Selvel Publicity & Consultants Ltd. – who donated billboard spaces to PETA (we can’t thank them enough!) – PETA’s “I’m Me, Not Meat” ads are reminding passersby at Walkeshwar, Malabar Hill and now, also, Hughes Road in Mumbai, that there are individuals behind the products they purchase if they eat meat.

PETA billboard in Walkeshwar, Mumbai

PETA billboard on Hughes Road, Mumbai

Chickens are sensitive, intelligent animals who value their lives just as much as we value ours. They don’t want to be confined to crowded, filthy conditions on factory farms where they’re given drugs that make them grow so big, so fast, that they collapse under their own weight or be transported to slaughterhouses to have their throats slit with dull knives.

Thanks to Selvel, these ads are making commuters consider that the animals who end up on plates were once unique and fascinating individuals.


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