Sachiin Joshi Flexes His Muscles for Animals

Posted on by PETA

Actor, Telugu Warriors owner and JMJ Group executive Sachiin Joshi is expanding his portfolio yet again, but this time he’s spreading the message that being vegetarian is good for your health and for animals.

Sachiin sizzled with onscreen partner and PETA friend Sunny Leone in the movie Jackpot and will soon star in Nee Jathaga Nenundali, and now he’s wowing fans again by starring in an eye-catching new PETA ad. Celebrity and fashion photographer Prasad Naik shot the young tycoon, who was styled by Rocky S.

Sachiin Joshi_Veg AD_FIN300_image1

With a packed schedule that puts demands on both his mind and his body, Sachiin knows that being healthy is a top priority. That’s why the life-long vegetarian is encouraging fans to ditch meat from their plates. As Sachiin’s muscles prove, plant foods provide all the energy, protein, vitamins and minerals that we need to be healthy and stronge.

“I am happy to be a vegetarian. I have never had meat of any kind or flesh in any way”, says Joshi. “I think with vegetarian[ism], you can have a healthy diet and you can have a good lifestyle.”


Sachiin lives by the mantra “Follow your heart“, which is why he doesn’t support the violent killing of billions of animals for food each year. “Killing animals psychologically hurts me. Killing animals for your food is not a good idea. And I do not support it.”

Not only does ditching meat save countless animals’ lives, it also helps the environment, since raising animals for food wastes resources and causes water pollution, greenhouse-gas emissions and deforestation.

Give meat the boot and enjoy a healthy, guilt-free life like Sachiin. Get started by ordering your free vegetarian/vegan starter kit complete with nutrition information, how-to-transition tips and tasty recipes, today!