PETA Teams Up With De Paix Yatra

Posted on by PETA

Take two Royal Enfield motorbikes, a passionate team devoted to promoting peace and nonviolence and hundreds of young change-makers in eight nations – and what do you get? A life-altering journey that PETA is proud to be supporting!

De Paix Yatra, or the Peace Journey, is a 13,000-kilometre multinational trip that will take riders Parth Vasavada and Nitesh Square from India to England. Popular model and actor Debi Dutta is also onboard to conduct media interviews and help raise awareness about De Paix Yatra’s mission. The team will stop in more than 50 cities in India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, France and England, visiting with young people to encourage them to become active and work for a more peaceful world.

Recognising that peace begins on your plate, the team members have committed to eating only vegetarian foods during their 65-day journey. PETA is a proud partner of these peace pilgrims, and we have provided them with T-shirts to wear on their trip as well as literature to hand out along the way about going vegan, losing leather and adopting animals.

A book and a documentary about the journey are in the works. In the meantime, you can track the team’s progress at its website and help make your little corner of the world more peaceful by going vegan.

PETA wishes De Paix Yatra all the best!