PETA Launches the Wearable ‘Manometer’ to Measure Masculinity

Posted on by PETA

PETA is excited to launch the PETA Manometer, a wearable manliness-measuring device that helps men stay macho and motivated by tracking their masculinity.


The PETA Manometer displays real-time data along with its smart phone app so that you can always see what manhood level you’re in: Manliness Level Critical, Just a Tool, Not Man Enough, Mediocre Man, Macho and Machismo Alpha Male.


That’s because real men are animals’ protectors, not their bullies. They are strong and fit and do not succumb to cruel and unhealthy food habits. They also stand up against abuse. Only cowards stay silent when they witness abuse or participate in activities that go against their ethics and harm those who are weaker than themselves. And they are attractive, because let’s face it: there’s simply nothing sexier than compassionate men.


How can you reach the coveted Machismo Alpha Male status?

Follow these guidelines:


Guys who fail to “man up” turn a blind eye to the suffering their actions cause and do things like this: