PETA India Glams Up Delhi Kids Fashion Week With a Vegan Makeover

Posted on by Krithika Pradeep

Delhi Kids Fashion Week is right around the corner – and for the first year ever, the trendsetting event is partnering with PETA India at the Ocean Pearl Retreat in New Delhi on 8 September to feature exclusively animal-friendly, all-vegan fashion. A costumed PETA India “cow” will strut on the runway with a sign proclaiming, “Save Me – Go Leather Free”, and the group will operate a booth at the event offering animal rights literature and merchandise, including stickers, wristbands, and balloons, to attendees.

delhi kids fashion week

Cows and buffaloes killed for leather are often transported in trucks so crowded that their bones break or they die en route. Sheep are commonly beaten, stamped on, and mutilated for wool. Most animals killed for their fur spend their lives inside cramped cages, where they frantically pace back and forth, gnaw on the bars, and mutilate themselves. And in the down industry, birds’ throats are slit and some of the animals are scalded to death in defeathering tanks, often while still conscious. Silkworms used for silk are boiled or gassed alive inside their cocoons, which causes the cocoons to unravel so that workers can obtain the silk threads.

Thankfully, creative and humane non-animal materials – such as leather made from pineapple leaves, grapes, apples, mushrooms, or cork – are more popular than ever, and countless other plant-based and recycled materials can also be used instead of fur, wool, silk, or other products stolen from animals.

Compassion is definitely in vogue. Check out these cruelty-free brands: