PETA India at the Vegan India Conference: Much to See, Much to Learn

Posted on by PETA

Whether you’re a veteran or a newbie to vegan living, you won’t want to miss the Vegan India Conference 2021 coming up from 24 to 27 July. The virtual event, which is being organised by Vegan First in partnership with the Mohanji Foundation, will highlight trends in food, fashion, and technology through a plant-based lens. Events include talks, interactive panels, and a MasterChef workshop. The conference will have a virtual reception and several exhibitor booths.

More than 32 speakers from around the world will be talking about their role in the growing vegan movement in India, sharing their ideas and strategies. PETA India CEO Dr Manilal Valliyate, Ahimsa Fest founder Atul Doshi, and founder of the Satvik Vegan Society Shankar Narayan will be part of a panel discussion that’s scheduled for 27 July at 4.15 pm IST on “Creating a Movement at an Early Stage: Challenges and Opportunities”.

PETA India has a virtual booth showcasing For a Moment of Taste: How What You Eat Impacts Animals, the Planet, and Your Health by Poorva Joshipura, a member of PETA India’s board. Her book is the first-ever in-depth exposé of the treatment of animals commonly used for food in India for what is, after all, just a fleeting moment of taste. It explains how today’s meat, egg, and dairy production systems evolved; the current state of these industries in India; and the consequences if dietary habits and current trends don’t change. Poorva has drawn on her personal observations and uncovered shocking industry practices that aren’t well known in India. This eye-opening book will lead many readers to examine and modify their own eating habits. It’s especially relevant today, given that the COVID-19 pandemic likely started at a live-animal market.

You can buy the book from Amazon or Flipkart.

PETA India is an ecosystem partner for the Vegan India Conference 2021.

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