PETA India Appeals to Central Government to Rescue Indian Student and His Companion Dog From War-Hit Ukraine

Posted on by PETA

Following an appeal for help on social media by Rishabh Kaushik, an Indian student refusing to leave war-hit Ukraine without his companion dog Malibu, PETA India sent an urgent letter to Minister for Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying Parshottam Rupala requesting that he direct the Indian government’s Animal Quarantine and Certification Services urgently to issue a no-objection certificate and ensure their safe transport. PETA India asked the minister to ease the rules on veterinary documentation for dogs, cats, and other animal companions accompanying their human families who are seeking safe passage from Ukraine to India.


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The letter pointed out that Kaushik rescued Malibu, sparing him a horrible life on the streets, where many animals die of starvation or are injured, abused, or hit by vehicles. Many more are left to languish at animal shelters due to a lack of caring homes.

PETA India encourages those with the time, patience, love, and resources to bring a companion dog into their home to adopt an animal from the streets or an animal shelter.

Countries bordering Ukraine – including Hungary, Poland, and Romania – are loosening their restrictions to make it easier for animal companions to enter other states. PETA entities are also working to encourage other EU countries and the UK to follow suit.