PETA Gives a Talk on Ethical Fashion at FAD International Mumbai

Posted on by PETA

People are increasingly choosing eco-friendly vegan options, and brands around the world are now paying attention to ethical fashion. This is leading to an increase in the use of pleather, faux silk, fake snake, and other cruelty-free fabrics, which are now more popular than ever.

Today, PETA India was at FAD Academy International–Mumbai to speak to students about vegan fashion and share information about these great materials. Benazir Suraiya, a fashion expert and PETA’s associate manager of celebrity and media projects, explained how easy it is to make a compassionate choice.

PETA’s Benazir Suraiya giving a talk on vegan fashion


Faux-leather shoes by Ethik, Senso, and Veruschka; canvas shoes by Funk; faux-leather bags by Baggit, gqp Accessories, and Merci; faux-fur jacket by ASOS; and a banana silk saree by Pallod Creations

And here’s what we showed the students:

They were taken aback after watching the atrocious cruelty to animals shown in this video. Benazir went on to explain that they can avoid such abuse by using vegan materials.

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